Monday, 4 January 2010

Embedded Piku-Piku

How to embed a Piku-Piku in a blog.

<div id="vS7795581878756314" style="position:relative; overflow:hidden;"><a href=""><img id="iS7795581878756314" style="position:absolute;padding:0px;" src=""
onload="function Piku(t,n){var T=t,N=n,I=document.getElementById('i'+T),V=document.getElementById('v'+T).style,W=I.clientWidth/N,D=0,X=0,P='px';this.F=function(){X=Math.min(Math.max(X+D,0),N-1);D=(!X?1:X==N-1?-1:D);*(.0625+X)+P;setTimeout(T+'.F();',33*(5-X*(N-1-X)/N));};V.width=W*.875+P;V.height=I.clientHeight+P;this.F();};
S7795581878756314 = new Piku('S7795581878756314',11);"

The colored text shows the bits you should replace: the link and the image (obtained from the photo view), and the name of the global variable S7795581878756314, which should be unique on the page, start with a letter and contain only letters and numbers. The number 11 at the end indicates the number of views in the Piku-Piku, which is 11 in the current version.

How to embed a Piku-Piku thumbnail.

Here, the global variable is S7795581878756314T, with a T added so that it doesn't interfere with the one above. The image changed to Note that the number at the end is 6 for a thumbnail.

(This post was updated with simpler code.)
(This post was updated with a bug fix for Safari on 18 Jan.)


  1. Very cool! I've just used this code to embed a few 3D photos into our blog about a house construction project:

  2. A nice feature to allow posting to blogs! I've written a story for my blog about start3d at:

    Is there a way to post our start3d photos on Flickr or Picasaweb? And how to post a photo to Blogger sites? (

  3. I tried to embed on blogger (safari) and got this error message :
    Must be at most 256 characters

  4. I can't get over how cool that picture is!

  5. I just discovered this site. What a great innovation.

  6. I love it and have used it extensively on a number of public and private blogs. Now I'm creating a website wherein I will use both Piku - Piku and anaglyph format photos and anglyph videos of scenic stuff. All were taken using the Fujifilm 3D camera. More on this later.

  7. I'm wondering how much (more) can I see in the viewfinder of a Panasonic 3D HD http://SDT750.NET video camera when it gets released for shipping in October?

  8. Anyone know how to get this to work in Word Press? Seems to not like the JS

  9. @Marc - I can't share my piku-piku in LiveJournal either. Seem to be a problem with most blog sites blocking JavaScript.

    I hope you guys at Start 3D will come with Flash player, which would be much more embeddable on standard blog sites.