Tuesday, 15 December 2009

What's this all about?

If you're reading this thinking, "what is 3D photography anyway?" then you've absolutely come to the right place. This site is all about helping you make your own 3D photographs, and also share them with your family and friends. If you can take a photograph, then now you can take a 3D photograph. That is what Start 3D is all about.

A 3D photograph is a photograph that also shows you depth. Often, you need special glasses or equipment to see it. You may know the old red and blue glasses, or the yellow and blue filter of ColorCode, or polarized glasses like the RealD glasses at the cinema. If you are of the right age, you might know View-Master. Start 3D introduces a brand new way to experience 3D photos, called Piku-Piku (which approximately means "twitching"). A Piku-Piku is an animation that uses time to reveal the third dimension of the photograph on a flat screen, using no special equipment. Those of you who saw The Matrix should be familiar with the concept.

Not all "frozen-time" animations are Piku-Piku. One of the neat things about Piku-Piku is that they are self-calibrating1, making them comfortable to view. But the best bit is that you can create them yourself - by simply taking two photographs, roughly from the positions of your eyes, and uploading them to start3d.com (email registration required). We do the rest. Your Piku-Piku will be available in seconds.

You can share your album with your family and friends by emailing the URL. If you chose to make your album private, the URL will have a special code in it that unlocks it - people who don't have the code can't see the album. That's all. Your family doesn't even need to register to see the picture. If you get a nice result, you can try to put your photo on the front page by clicking the 'Feature' button. in the image viewing page. We''ll choose our favourites and front page them.

Why not head over the start3d.com now and find out for yourself what 3D photography is all about?

Colin Davidson
Founder, Start 3D

1 ok, only partially working for now, wait and see!

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