Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Processing Improvements

We keep tweaking the software to try to improve the results. Although it's far from perfect, the latest version has removed a lot of the more serious problems. You can always switch to the latest version by clicking on the highest version number under your image (only appears when you're logged on and looking at your own photo/album).

If you're pleased with your web preview, why not try our lenticular prints - they are quite amazing objects to hold in your hands.

We are experimenting with the much-requested larger image sizes. What do you think of this?

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Multi-View and Lenticular Prints

Start 3D technology is all about converting 2-view 3D, to multi-view 3D. The Piku-Piku view is our way of presenting that result on a flat screen, and we think it's very effective. But it's not the only way you can see it.

One of the reasons multi-view 3D is so great, is because of lenticular prints. These are true 3D photographs, which use a special lens to show different views to each of your eyes. They are 3D without glasses. And, although you can make a lenticular print from just two views, multi-view lenticular prints are more comfortable to view, can be viewed by multiple people simultaneously, and the 3D effect is enhanced, not lost, as you move your head. It's like holding a piece of magic in your hands.

Until now, the only way to make multi-view lenticulars was to capture more views (perfectly aligned), or to have an artist do the conversion work by hand. So, our big news is that we've just started selling multi-view lenticular prints - and this is all you have to do to get them:

  1. Make sure your album allows printing. When viewing the album, click the 'Edit album properties' button to see/change the setting.
  2. View the photo you want to buy, and make sure you're happy with the results (any glitches you see will also be in the print).
  3. Click the 'Add to cart' button.
  4. Click on your cart icon in the top-right, set your currency and shipping zone (which must match your delivery address) and choose the quantity and type of print.
  5. Click on 'Proceed to checkout' and pay on the PayPal secure site.

We have two excellent lenticular print suppliers - In-Depth and Softmotion. The file we provide them is the same, so the difference between them is in their slightly different printing processes, choice of lenses, and prices. Softmotion is offering thin and thick lenses at 8"x6". The thin lens has a higher resolution, while the thick lens has more depth. The In-Depth 7"x5" is in between these two. Both Softmotion and In-Depth are offering 10"x8"s.

If you already do your own lenticular printing, and all you want is the hi-res file, you can buy that by selecting 'Downloadable file only' in your cart.

Please watch our video on youtube to see an example of what the print looks like.

New languages

Start 3D is now available in Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Russian. This brings the total number of languages to 11. These are mostly generated by automatic translation, and I know they contain many mistakes. Please help the site work better in your language by suggesting better translations where you can.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Website Localization

Start 3D, although in its early days, has attracted a multilingual community. To reflect this, the site is now available in English, Japanese, German, French, Dutch, Polish and Spanish. The text is mostly automatically translated by Google Translate; but we hope that the community will quickly help us to fix it up.

If you want to help us translate for your language, please send us an email.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Embedded Piku-Piku

How to embed a Piku-Piku in a blog.

<div id="vS7795581878756314" style="position:relative; overflow:hidden;"><a href="http://www.start3d.com/2356738001/0001/7795581878756314"><img id="iS7795581878756314" style="position:absolute;padding:0px;" src="http://www.start3d.com/uploads/2356738001/7795581878756314_composite.jpg?v=2"
onload="function Piku(t,n){var T=t,N=n,I=document.getElementById('i'+T),V=document.getElementById('v'+T).style,W=I.clientWidth/N,D=0,X=0,P='px';this.F=function(){X=Math.min(Math.max(X+D,0),N-1);D=(!X?1:X==N-1?-1:D);I.style.left=-W*(.0625+X)+P;setTimeout(T+'.F();',33*(5-X*(N-1-X)/N));};V.width=W*.875+P;V.height=I.clientHeight+P;this.F();};
S7795581878756314 = new Piku('S7795581878756314',11);"

The colored text shows the bits you should replace: the link and the image (obtained from the photo view), and the name of the global variable S7795581878756314, which should be unique on the page, start with a letter and contain only letters and numbers. The number 11 at the end indicates the number of views in the Piku-Piku, which is 11 in the current version.

How to embed a Piku-Piku thumbnail.

Here, the global variable is S7795581878756314T, with a T added so that it doesn't interfere with the one above. The image changed to http://www.start3d.com/uploads/2356738001/7795581878756314_composite_thumb.jpg?v=2. Note that the number at the end is 6 for a thumbnail.

(This post was updated with simpler code.)
(This post was updated with a bug fix for Safari on 18 Jan.)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Comments and Ratings

We've been hard at work adding new features to Start 3D. Now you can give feedback on photographs by leaving comments, or by rating the picture 1-5 stars. You need to be signed in to leave a comment or to rate a picture.

We hope you enjoy the new features.

3D My Christmas Tree

We want you to try 3D photography this Christmas, by sharing a 3D picture of your Christmas tree with your family and friends and the rest of the world. All you need to do is take two pictures of your tree, two inches apart (as if the cameras were your eyes). Upload the pictures to start3d.com and be amazed by the 3D results.

To put your tree in the tree collection, click on the Christmas Tree icon in the photo view. Users can rate the submissions by clicking on the voting stars underneath each photo - and the top ranked tree appears on the front page.

Getting started in 3D is easy.